Theme Parks

Decorations and theming for water parks and amusement parks.

Zoo Gardens

We build animal enclosures create aquarium arrangements and recreate natural aquatic and terrestrial biotopes.

Spas & Hotels

Decorative buildings for spa centers and hotels, design and construction of pool hall arrangements.

Conceptual Designs

Decorating and theming projects for investors and architectural offices. 3D modeling and mock-up construction.

Contracting & Engineering

Construction and implementation of projects, executive supervision.

Consulting & Planning

Specialized consulting and conceptual analysis of the project, specialized expertise.


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What Do We Offer?

We provide services in the construction of large-format concrete decorations, as well as design and executive supervision.

  1. 1
    Construction of the Artificial Rocks

    We create artificial rocks from concrete. We specialize in large-format projects for zoos, water parks, amusement parks, museums and oceanariums. Our company has many years of experience in creating realistic and attractive decorations that enrich the space and add character.

  2. 2
    Artificial Trees

    We build artificial trees of any height and trunk circumference, which are reproductions of natural trees. Our trees are made of the highest quality materials, thanks to which they are resistant to weather conditions and retain their natural appearance for many years.

  3. 3
    Architectural Reproductions

    We make architectural reproductions of objects from any historical era. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we are able to recreate every detail and give our decorations an authentic character. Our architectural reproductions are an ideal solution for those who want to enrich their space with historical elements and give it character.

  4. 4
    Large Volume Aquariums

    We build artificial coral reefs and scenery for large aquariums. We are able to create realistic and attractive decorations that will create a unique environment for fish and other sea creatures. Our artificial coral reefs and sets are the perfect solution for those who want to create an attractive and realistic environment for large-scale aquariums.

  5. 5
    Consulting and Design Services

    We provide services in the field of thematicization and biotope construction projects for design and architectural offices. If you are looking for professional support in the creation of thematization and biotope projects, we invite you to use our services.

  6. 6
    Executive Supervision

    Our company offers artistic and conceptual supervision services at the stage of project implementation. Our team consists of professional artists and specialists who are able to ensure the highest quality of workmanship and compliance with the assumed concepts and requirements. Our services also include material and technological consulting as well as assistance in creating projects and mock-ups. If you are looking for professional support at the project implementation stage, we invite you to use our services.


Our Projects


Our references include projects for well-known and reputable investors throughout Poland.


We maintain the highest quality level of the rock decorations we make, as well as tree reproductions.


We carry out each new project with passion and professionalism, at all stages of our work.




Our team consists of professionals specialized in project management, construction and conceptual process.


We use the latest technology in the industry. This makes our artificial rocks indistinguishable from natural ones.


We maintain the highest standards and always strive to exceed the investor’s expectations.


Artificial rocks, also known as imitation rocks, are man-made structures designed to resemble natural rocks. They are often used in landscaping and garden design to add a natural touch to an outdoor space. Artificial rocks can be made of various materials, including concrete, resins or plastic.

One of the primary benefits of using artificial rocks is that they are much easier to work with than real rocks. They are lightweight and can be easily carried and placed where desired. In addition, artificial rocks do not require the same level of maintenance as real ones, because they do not deteriorate over time, they can also be covered with natural algae or moss.

Artificial rocks can also be molded and shaped into a variety of sizes and forms to suit the specific needs of a landscape project. This allows for greater design flexibility and the ability to create unique and visually appealing outdoor spaces.

In addition to landscaping, artificial rocks are also used in many other applications, including amusement parks, zoos and aquariums. They can be used to create realistic habitats for animals and add natural elements to exhibits.

Overall, artificial rock provides a convenient and easy-to-maintain alternative to real rock in a variety of locations and can be used to add a natural touch to any outdoor space.


Concrete decorations, including artificial rocks, are a great product to use in the thematic industry. These decorations are made by professional sculptors who use a mixture of water, cement and aggregate to create unique and visually appealing structures.

One of the primary benefits of using concrete decorations, including artificial rocks, is that they are extremely durable. Concrete is weather and damage resistant, and can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, making it a practical choice for outdoor decoration.

In addition to durability, concrete decorations are also relatively easy to maintain. They do not require the same amount of maintenance as natural rocks. Concrete decorations can be cleaned with a pressure washer to maintain their original appearance.

Artificial rocks made of concrete are a successful choice for garden design as they can be molded and shaped to replicate natural rocks. They can also be used to create realistic animal habitats to add natural elements to displays, and add a natural touch to any outdoor space.

In the thematic industry, artificial rocks can be used to create immersive and realistic spaces. They can be molded and shaped to suit the specific needs of a themed project and are a durable and low maintenance option to add character to any outdoor space.