Thematic Parks

Concrete decorations for water parks, amusement and theme parks.

Zoo Parks

We construct a natural biotops reproductions for animal zoo enclosures.

SPA & Hotels

Artificial rocks build-outs for SPA centres and Hotels.

Conceptual Design

Preparing a designs, drawings and 3D models for Architects and Investors.

Design-Build Project Delivery

We take care about all process from the initial design to final construction.

Consulting & Planning

Consulting and strategic planning for preliminary projects.

Our Realizations

The list of our most interesting realisations of, which include among others the most well-known and popularly visited objects in Poland. Our portfolio is over 20,000m2 of concrete decorations.

Contact Us

Our references include projects for well known and reputable investors throughout Poland.


We maintain the highest quality level of artificial rock decorations and tree reproductions performed by us.


We carry out each new project with passion and professionalism at all stages of our work.


Our team is a group of professionals specializing in carving, construction projects design and management.


We utilise the latest technologies in the industry. Thanks to that our artificial rocks and trees are indistinguishable from natural ones.


We maintain the highest standards and always try to exceed the expectations of the investors and general contractors.


Nature is our inspiration and products which we create are a faithful representation of the best.

  1. Features of Artificial Rocks

    The main advantage of concrete artificial rocks is resistance to weather conditions, thanks to which they can be placed both inside and outside the building. Our decorations are environmentally friendly, and thanks to the diversity of textures and colors, you can create various rock formations and arrangements of any size. Exposure to external factors over time, they become the substrate for all types of lichen and mosses, making them look even more natural.

  2. Concrete Artificial Rocks

    Concrete rocks are the perfect solution wherever the use of huge, natural boulders is impossible. Thanks to the use of various sculpting techniques, dyes and pigments, you can form exactly such a rock formation, which will ideally blend in with the surroundings. Artificial stones, thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, are often very difficult to distinguish from natural counterparts. Everyone, even the most intricate design is possible to implement – the only limit is the human imagination.