8 November 2022

Construction of aquarium decorations for the Oceanika complex

The construction of aquarium decorations for the Swietokrzyska Polana complex is a project that came as quite a surprise to us.
It took just two weeks from the time the inquiry was received to the start of work.

In such a short period of time we had to do the conceptual work, and quickly prepare the construction materials that will be waiting for us at budowblog/ie. The start of the work came at the best time, because even before the installation of the acrylics and at the coincidence of the installation of the water filtration system.

Decoration design

Decorations for all aquariums are designed to eliminate stagnant water. This is a very important issue. Poorly designed artificial rocks in aquariums, can lead to the formation of “dead zones” in which water exchange will be hindered. This has a direct impact on the health of the fish and the overall condition of the aquarium.

Below is a sample visualization, showing the placement of underwater rocks in the aquarium. The example below is from another realization, unfortunately the visuals of the Oceaniki Aquariums have not survived.


Construction of aquarium decorations

The total area of the development, which includes artificial rocks recreating the Malawi biotope, the Great Barrier Reef, the Amazon riverbed and the shark aquarium, totals 170sqm. All space formations are filled with a specialized mortar that nullifies the precipitation of calcium oxides into water. This is a common problem when starting aquariums with concrete decorations. The result is a large amount of white calcium efflorescence on aquarium decorations, it also promotes faster stabilization of the ph of the water in which the fish will live.

The entire project took three weeks from start to finish.

After the completion of our work, the aquariums look as follows:

Aquarium decorations, Realizations

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