Artificial Rocks

Artificial rocks characterized by high strength and natural appearance.

Our primary service is the construction of artificial rocks made of concrete and TXT mortar. Based on the experience gained over many years of constructing decorations, we have achieved a very high level of detail reproduction that guarantees the natural appearance of our product. Naturally, the appearance alone does not only indicate the quality of our products. The internal construction of artificial rocks is extremely important. We build rock decorations in the most suitable way for a specific application, using steel structures made of various metal alloys – from black steel, galvanized steel through stainless steel and acid-resistant steel.

Proper selection of the support structure.

Each structure is selected according to the requirements of the place where the artificial rocks will be deployed. Thus, for rock decorations that are part of an animal enclosure in a zoo, a different type of substructure will be used than for artificial rocks built in a garden, where there is not such intense wear and stress. However, regardless of the destination, we build imitation rocks to be durable and safe for use.

The reproduction of rocks, boulders and rock formations occupies a primary place in our offer.

We produce artificial rocks so that they reflect the natural appearance and colors as closely as possible. Implementation of any idea with our company, is a guarantee of high quality, attention to detail, solid workmanship and remarkable form.

Construction of large-scale rock decorations.

Artificial rock formations are free-standing decorations on specially prepared self-supporting substructures. They are characterized by a high complexity of rock formations (shelves, overhangs, stairs). They can be the focal point of the display, as well as mask existing installations or reinforced concrete walls that need to be covered for aesthetic reasons.

Attention to the smallest detail.

In such large and complex structures, we always try to reproduce the geological processes occurring in nature that shape the rock formations that occur in reality. We select faults or weathering according to the specific type of rocks we are mapping, so that the artificial rocks made by us are a faithful reproduction of nature.

We guarantee the highest quality workmanship.

Our experience guarantees the realization of the most complex projects, where the only limit is only imagination.

Artificial stones and boulders are an excellent addition to our offerings.

The artificial boulders we produce can be located individually or in a grouping. They are most often used in the construction of cascades, ponds and as decorative elements for terrariums or animal enclosures in zoos.

The form is inspired by nature.

Artificial stones by their form refer to those we find in nature. Thanks to sculpting techniques and the use of an appropriate foundation, we can obtain many types and kinds of stones and boulders that perfectly imitate materials such as sandstone, marl or granite.

We choose the type of artificial stone substructure for the place where it will be set.

Artificial stones can be prepared as a spatial form that is permanently embedded in the ground, or as a relocatable element. By their size they are adapted to the conditions and functions they are to perform. Importantly, artificial stones and artificial boulders are manufactured in such a way that they can be located indoors and outdoors.

The natural appearance of artificial stones and boulders.

Our artificial boulders and stones are indistinguishable from the real ones. The material from which they are made, polymer concrete mortars, is itself referred to as “artificial stone.” The distinctive feature of this material is that it ages in the same way as natural stones and allows natural algae and mosses to grow over time, a desirable feature for reproducing natural-looking stones and boulders.

Facades made of artificial stone.

Using artificial rock construction techniques, we offer the possibility of making stone facades and wall decorations with a very high complexity of form and carving. Which gives fantastic results in the form of play of light and shadows, which give even more realism to the stone facade. The advantage of our rock wall construction methods over building with prefabricated elements, is the virtually unlimited freedom to create three-dimensional formations that are unique as is the case with prefabricated elements.

Weather resistance.

Artificial stone facades have been tested in all weather conditions occurring in our climate zone. Regardless of prevailing factors such as the effects of frost, rain and UV rays, the aesthetics of artificial stone facades do not deteriorate. The colors of the facades obtained with inorganic dyes, remain unchanged and do not show fading characteristics.

All realizations made by us, are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions.

The materials we use for our work are characterized by high resistance to wear and have a frost resistant property, as well as high adhesion that allows the application of facade material to virtually any surface whether they are walls made of brick, expanded concrete blocks, or reinforced concrete walls.

Artificial rock buildings and camouflage stones.

Rock decorations perform excellently in camouflaging various types of elements of existing infrastructure, such as support structures for slides, wiring harnesses, fire boxes, ROP buttons, and all other types of equipment that are good to encase with artificial rocks for aesthetic reasons.

Masking unwanted elements.

All work related to the masking of such elements, we carry out on site without the use of prefabricated elements. This gives the best results aesthetically, we are able to match the shape of artificial rocks to any irregularity and make the development in such a way that it looks natural.