Artificial Grottos and Caves

Construction of artificial caves and caverns.

Artificial grottos and caves are built on the basis of a pre-designed customized project. The entire implementation is built on a cardboard structure, taking into account existing walls and ceilings as support for the internal structure. If it is not possible to anchor the structure to the walls of the building, we make our own frame structure, on which the trusses are supported.

The form and texture of the rock from which the artificial rock caves are built.

The forms of caves that we build to the customer’s order have no limitations and we are able to realize any design. Regardless of the prevailing conditions, whether high humidity as in water parks or saunariums, or direct exposure to the weather, artificial rock caves safely fulfill their entertainment or teaching function.

Rugged construction and optional cave equipment.

The grottos we build are, above all, safe to use. This is ensured by an extremely strong skeleton as well as a sufficiently thick layer of concrete, which gives the final strength. The caves can be equipped with lighting, smoke generators and speakers or LCD screens, making them a finished and complete product often chosen by amusement parks or museums.

The colors and textures of the rocks the artificial caves are made of.

The color scheme and texture of the stone from which the grotto is made is arbitrary. Based on the design or a previously discussed concept with the investor, the caves can be made to imitate any type of rock. Depending on the project, we prepare stalactites and stalagmites.

A combination of artificial grotto and sculpture.

Artistic elements such as ornaments, bas-reliefs or reliefs can be included in the final form of the artificial grotto.