What determines that working with us is the best choice?

Why should you choose us?

We have been working in the industry for many years. During this time, we have accumulated a broad spectrum of experience in many different construction areas. We have qualified teams with diverse specialties such as sculptors and painters, steel construction specialists, and experienced concrete spraying teams. Each team of employees is trained and highly qualified to ensure the highest level of workmanship and provide the best standards.

We are proud to be one of the most experienced large format decoration construction and design companies. We provide the best level of service, guaranteeing a unique result and investor satisfaction. And here are the arguments for choosing our company:

We specialize in custom and large-format productions.

We are not just another artificial rock construction company that you can find on the market. We pride ourselves on taking on the biggest projects and the most complex ones. We focus on delivering a refined product down to the smallest details. With this approach, we offer exceptional realizations. Our artificial rocks, artificial trees or architectural reproductions of buildings from any era, give the impression that you are interacting with real objects. We deliver experiences that are unique and recreate environments with museographic accuracy.

We work with specialized equipment that was selected based on years of experience.

In order to work on the largest projects, you need to be able to process large amounts of concrete and steel in a reasonable amount of time. We realize that doing basic work manually, without the use of heavy equipment eliminates the contractor from the largest projects. In carrying out our work, we are able to pump large quantities of mortar and concrete directly from a pear or concrete mixer. Thanks to the use of shotcrete – or concrete spraying – technique, we complete our projects at an unprecedented pace. Importantly, we have our own equipment, which is at our disposal throughout the construction process.

We use only the finest materials.

We have extensive experience in the construction industry in many seemingly unrelated fields, such as waterproofing, knowledge of concrete and concrete spraying, welding of steel structures of various steel alloys depending on the functions to be performed by the decorations: waterfalls, artificial grottoes and caves, artificial underwater rocks and coral reefs, artificial trees, sculptures or architectural reconstructions. This ensures that we do not receive unforeseen surprises during the construction and use of the decoration. We are confident that we can offer materials that meet the highest standards.

We are the only company in Poland that offers project supervision services.

We ensure the full integrity of the execution of the decoration. And thanks to the knowledge we have accumulated over the years, we are able to ensure that the detailed design is built in a way that most closely reflects the design intent. We have exceptional experience in the selection of technology, materials, selection of workers and subcontractors, provide reference materials such as photographic documentation, material samples, and perform 3D modeling, CAD designs and visualizations.

We handle your project from start to finish.

In order to successfully complete any project, everything must be well organized with open channels of communication between the investor, our company, and the employees and artists. Many contractors leave their teams to complete the project on their own. Which means that the investor sees the contractor’s representative only during contract negotiations, and at the end of the contract. Each implementation carried out by our company, is carried out on an exclusive basis, and during the course of it we do not carry out other projects in parallel. This allows us to focus 100% on the task, constantly supervising the progress of the work, being in constant contact with the investor or general contractor. This approach allows for constant consultation with the investor before making important decisions, and ensures the highest level of service.

We work only with experienced artists with an extensive portfolio.

We give the guarantee of the best detailing, whether it is a detailed carving of artificial rocks, a relief or an architectural element. We give you the assurance that we do not carry out the work with the help of unskilled workers.

We ensure scientific and museographic quality of workmanship.

There are projects that require the involvement of specialists in their fields. We have experience in establishing cooperation with scientific units such as the Institute of Geographical Sciences at the University of Wroclaw, to consult on the geological details of our projects. Projects that require this approach are extremely complicated and cannot be carried out by unqualified personnel, which other artificial rock building companies will not provide.

We provide our own logistics for the delivery of materials to the construction site.

We organize temporary storage facilities at the construction site as well as build our own studios for on-site prefabrication if needed, regardless of the season.

We provide our customers with customized solutions.

Every project is different, which means we don’t tell the investor what they need – we listen to what they want. We realize that we implement non-standard projects. As a result, our work is based on working with the investor to deliver exactly what he wants. Regardless of the complexity of the task, we are determined to complete the project 100%.