For the Investor


Even the best prepared project, is only an outline of the planned investment. The method of implementation is the most significant process, and what will overall determine the success or lack thereof in terms of final visual integrity. During the construction phase, it is important not to focus solely on the overall picture, but also to pay special attention to the myriad of small details that give soul and character to the completed project. Only with this approach will we guarantee that you get the result of a faithful reproduction of an environment that convinces and draws you in with its detail.

Supervision of project implementation.

Whether we are dealing with artificial rock, replicas of trees and other plants, animal models, architectural reconstructions depicting different eras or cultures, it is always about accuracy and attention to the smallest detail and ensuring the most natural look possible. We provide supervision of the project to ensure that the desired effect, integrity as well as quality of workmanship is achieved.

Supervision of implementation, materials and personnel at each stage of construction.

We ensure that the construction phase is carried out within design and material specifications. Our supervision also includes the selection of artists, set designers, and subcontractors involved in the construction of decorations.

Industry consulting and project support.

We provide material and technological advice, provide photographic documentation as well as reference materials, build 3D models, create designs and mock-ups. Most importantly, we conduct on-site supervision and provide artistic management of the project.

imitacje skalne na wybiegu dla lwów w zoo
sztuczne skały w wesołym miasteczku kolejka górska
wyjazd ze sztucznej groty w wesołym miasteczku
sztuczna rafa koralowa i skały podwodne w oceanarium
sztuczne drzewo w wolierze dla papug w zoo