Sculptures and Reliefs

The artificial stone sculptures we produce are true works of art.

We entrust the work of making a sculpture, bas-relief or relief to talented and experienced artists. We also work in this field with well-known and respected artists who have awards and prizes in their port folio. Our team is composed of talented people from all over Europe such as. Spain, Portugal, Poland, the Netherlands or Bulgaria. They have built their experience over many years. The most experienced sculptors and painters we work with boast up to 20 years of experience.

Our ornaments are carved by real artists.

By working with specialists in their field, the result of our work should satisfy every taste. Preparation of such an implementation involves appropriate arrangements with the investor. Before starting the task, we make sketches and scale models that give an overview of the object we are to begin work on.

We pay special attention to details.

The reproduction of the details is possible thanks to a properly prepared foundation and the final finish of the decorative layer, which is a specialized TXT cement mortar. We also produce our realizations from cement mortars prepared on the basis of our proprietary recipe, which, thanks to their fine grain size and dispersed reinforcement, give the possibility of reproducing small details while maintaining high strength

The form of sculptures and ornaments.

A wide variety of interior design elements like wall decorations, carved door and fireplace portals, carved rock cave entrances or freestanding sculptures can be made in the form of rock carvings. The spectrum of applications for the TXT cement mortar sculpting technique is limited only by the imagination.

Construction of architectural reproductions of buildings from any era.

Using a sculptural technique, we also build reproductions in any architectural style. These are usually buildings or objects from different historical eras, representing other cultures, such as the ruins of Angkor temples or Aztec Indian temples.

Use of arrangements with ornaments and rock sculptures.

The sculpture technique is excellent in the decorative industry for exhibition and display purposes, and can be an original element to color display cases as well as perform marketing functions.