Artificial Trees

Artificial trees of natural size

We make extremely accurate reproductions of trees from any climate zone. With attention to the smallest detail, we reproduce tree bark, bare wood and various imperfections that occur on real trees. This is a work that combines sculpting talents combined with the use of molds, which we make using our proprietary method.

Our tree reproductions are hand carved with attention to the smallest detail.

The combination of molds and hand-carved elements, allows to obtain a unique look as close as possible to their natural counterparts. Artificial trees that we build, with their appearance, can confuse more than one person and give the impression that they are in contact with a real tree.

Artificial trees can be of any height and trunk circumference.

The construction of an artificial tree has no limits on its size. We can build both a 3-4m high tree and a 9-10m high tree. To build a tree reproduction, we use truss structures properly designed and prepared by our welders. The decorative layer is a coating of polymer concrete colored in the selected color, which is given the texture of bark or wood through hand carving and molds.