6 November 2022

What is artificial stone and how it is made

Artificial stone has a long history and, despite appearances, is not a novelty in itself.

Over the centuries, only the manufacturing methods have changed improving production techniques. Artificial stones can be divided into two main groups, namely cast stone and imprinted stone. These two techniques still have their uses today. However, they are so different from each other that companies producing artificial stone usually specialize in one of them.

Artificial cast stone, as the name suggests, is usually used to produce castings. Garden decorations such as sculptures, fountains, stucco elements, etc. are most often produced using this method. In the production itself, casting molds are used, from which the finished product is obtained.

Imprinted stone has more in common with sculpture.

It can be perfectly formed when the concrete mixture is still fresh. Using this method, artificial rocks, artificial trees, and unique decorations, among others, are created. When producing decorations using this technique, we usually get a unique product. Due to the fact that it is made entirely by hand without the use of casting molds, replicating the same shape every time. Naturally, the molds themselves are also used in this technique, but in a completely different way. Most often not to obtain the shape itself but only the texture.

This method of producing artificial rocks is currently the best and most versatile.

It allows you to create diverse spatial formations that can be customized at the destination, without being limited to prefabricated decoration components that would have to be adjusted each time. The artificial stone itself, whether made by casting or imprinting, has the unique characteristic that it provides a very good substrate for lichen growth.
Indirectly, this is a desirable feature that adds realism over time. Whether they are artificial rocks, trees or sculptures, with the passage of time they receive a kind of “patina” that refines the final product. This is a property that is basically impossible to achieve with synthetic materials.

Faux rocks

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