Orientarium Thematization Project

Information about the Project

Completion Date: 2022

Location: Lodz / Poland

General Contractor: Mosty Łódź S.A.

Chief Architect: Nobleman Architekci Dorota Szlachcic

Thematization Project: Odaibe Visuals, sKalisty

Project Description

The Orientarium building in Lodz is one of the most interesting examples of zoo architecture in Poland. It was designed by Szlachcic Architects and is considered one of the best projects of its kind in Europe. The Orientarium building has been recognized by an international jury in the prestigious European Property Awards 2022-2023, winning the award in two categories: Leisure Architecture and Public Service Architecture. The European Property Awards are part of the International Property Awards, known as the “Oscars of the real estate industry.” Work on the project was a team effort supported by many partners, including Odaibe, Biotope Hub, Transcom Katowice, Arup, Jadorna, sKalisty, ZOO Lodz, Mosty Lodz SA and Sigma Advanced Aquarium Technologies.

The design process for the Orientarium Thematization took 4 years and required a great deal of effort on the part of the Szlachcic Architects team, Odaibe and our sKalisy company. The designers focused on creating a space that would not only be attractive to visitors, but also friendly to animals and provide them with suitable living conditions.

The Orientarium’s building features exhibits depicting different regions of Asia, as well as places such as the Sundaic Islands and the Temple of the Macaques. Visitors can see there, among other things. Gavial crocodiles, Sumatran orangutans, wanderu macaques, Oriental otters, anoa, Palawan porcupines, Indian porcupines and various species of birds, insects and other animals.

Scope of Work

The theming project included a comprehensive design of indoor and outdoor animal enclosures. As part of the project, they were designed:

  • Support structures and decoration substructure,
  • decorations,
  • artificial rocks,
  • replica temples,
  • sculptures and bas-reliefs
  • artificial trees,
  • coral reefs,
  • waterfalls
  • equipment for animal enclosures.

The project also included manufacturing technology and detailed descriptions of the designed decorations with material specifications.