Artificial Waterfall – Western Town

Information about the Project

Completion Date: 2023

Location: Boskovice – Czech Republic

Decoration Area: 400m2

Project Description

Westernové Městečko Boskovice is a western-themed amusement park located in a picturesque national park by the town of Boskovice in the Czech Republic. This park is a place where visitors can experience the atmosphere of the Wild West and feel as if they have moved back in time to the 19th century. Our company was pleased to take part in the project, which aimed to enrich this charming place with an authentic Wild West atmosphere.

Construction of Artificial Rocks and Artificial Waterfall

Our role in this project included the construction of artificial rocks and a spectacular artificial waterfall, the purpose of which was to provide a backdrop for performances illustrating scenes from the Geronimo film. The 250m2 waterfall is undoubtedly the centerpiece of this project.

The project involved the construction of not only a waterfall, but also artificial rocks around it. Our work included reinforcing the slope of the old sand pit, stabilizing the soil under the decorations, and preparing the walls of the water discharge tank and waterproofing it.

The result of our work is not only a realistic backdrop for the performances, but also a delightful element of the park that attracts attention and gives it an authentic Wild West feel. Our project has enriched the attractions of Westernové Městečko Boskovice, creating a place where visitors can travel back in time and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the Wild West.