Argus Aviary

Project Informations

Project End Date: 2018

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Project Scale: 160 m2

General Contractor: ZOO in Warsaw

About the Project

The modernization of the aviary included the joining of two independent bird enclosures. Aviary was designed as Angkor’s temples in Cambodia.

Scope of Work

The project included construction of decorations and a mural painting depicting jungle and fig tree roots. As part of the reconstruction, the following were made:

  • A wall imitating the ruins of a temple made of rock blocks
  • Buddha head wall sculpture
  • Relief on the building of ventilation ducts
  • Exits for animals to the outside of the aviary
  • Watering place with drainage
  • Temple gate with pots connecting two independent rooms
  • Covering an old air vents installations with artificial fig tree roots
  • Construction of an artificial tree with a root system with root pots between
  • Painting a mural depicting the jungle and the fig tree root. The mural was painted in a way that gives the impression of 3D

The total area of buildings made of artificial rocks is 100 m2 and the surface of the mural is 60 m2